You are a Magi, a user of magic, who has been contracted by the Mage’s Association, the Holy Church or by a 3rd party, to take part in a holy ritual that is the 6th Holy Grail war. You are all from different walks of life and different places around the world, each of you specializing in different types of magic. You have been brought to Fuyuki in Japan, to fight in this war, each of you having instructions on what you are to do. You are to summon forth a hero from history and myth and fight each other for your chance to claim the omnipotent wish granting device that is the Holy Grail, though as seems is indicative of the war itself, things will not go to plan. Who will you summon? How will you fight? Will you keep your promise with your respective parties and seek the root? Or will you seek to grant your own wish instead?

Archer Class Servants
Assassin Class Servants
Berserker Class Servant
Caster Class Servants
Lancer Class Servants
Rider Class Servants
Saber Class Servants


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